The different crochet stitches make your handicrafts even more beautiful!

Crochet is very versatile, it’s on the rise and you can create the most diverse items. You can reproduce the stitches you see in our post, making many successful crochets, whether for your house, for your look, for gifting or for sale.

If you choose a very beautiful crochet thread, your work will reach very high levels of beauty and differentiation. Invest in the best in all areas of your life, even when crocheting. A crochet stitch doesn’t have to be difficult to be done for it to look beautiful at the end of the spent making, it just needs to be done in an innovative way. You will see several beautiful stitches, many of them very easy to be reproduced, so you can crochet a lot.

All Free Crochet Patterns

The spike stitch is a crochet pattern that can be used in many jobs. For example blankets, pillows, rugs, sofa covers, scarves, hats, dresses and more. Just have a crochet-loving imagination that will do whatever you want with this wonderful crochet stitch. One of the reasons everyone delights is the versatility of the spike stich is that you can create a variety of different textures and designs using this simple technique.

Spike stitches produce a spike on both sides of the fabric so are suitable for a reversible design. It is usually simple crochet stitches. You work in the high stitches or spaces between stitches of one more row below the current row. This will create a vertical stitch of yarn that spans multiple rows of stitches.

Crochet Stitch Pattern

How to do the Spike Stitch

To do this wonderful stitch, you’re going to need:

  • Crochet needle
  • Yarn of your choice

Step 1: 12 chain with color 1. Then work four single crochet rows with color 1.

Step 2: at the end of the fourth row before turning, add color 2 and the chain 1

Step 3: find the next chain stitch, but do not insert the needle. Follow the next chain stitch for the second thread of your current needle, working thread. Insert your hook at this point to begin the first tip.

Step 4: loop through the stitch and line it up with the other loop of the needle at the top of the work.

Step 5: wind and pull the yarn through both loops of your needle to complete the first “spike”

Step 6: repeat steps 3, 4 and 5, this time on the third row below the needle and line up with the next stitch on the chain.

Step 7: repeat steps 3, 4 and 5, this time on the fourth row under the needle and lined up with the next stitch on the chain.

Step 8: Continue steps 3, 4 and 5 in the following row order (3, 2, 3, 4, 3, 2…) to the end of the row.

Step 9: knit four rows of low stitch in color 2.

Step 10: repeat all steps, now in color 1.

Crochet Spike Stitch

Got any doubt? Check the full pattern FREE and start to make this beautiful stitch.

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