Heart to Heart Mini Quilt Pattern

Hi everybody! Good to see you here. We are very happy when you look for us to learn a new pattern. Here you will always see news, cool techniques and useful tips to help us in our projects. But first of all, we’re away for a few days and we want to know how things are going there. We hope to find everyone well, healthy and willing to continue creating beautiful projects.

For that, we need patterns to inspire us, follow the step by step, come up with new ideas. With that in mind, we want to show you Heart to Heart. It’s a very pretty, colorful mini quilt. The impression we have, when we see the mini quilt, is that we have four hearts, one at each end of the design. It looks beautiful and you can enjoy playing with the colors.

With quilts we always have the opportunity to play, mix different prints, colors and textures that fabrics provide us. Not to mention that, as we have small cuts, we can always reuse scraps and combine them with new fabrics. Still don’t know how to use the mini quilt in your decor? We are here to help you and give you ideas that may be useful to you.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Quilting Books Patterns and Notions

Mini quilts fit almost anywhere, and because they can be made in any color, they blend in with any setting. You can use them as a beautiful centerpiece or maybe make a cushion cover out of the mini quilt. By repeating the square a few times, we can assemble a beautiful quilt to decorate the sofa or our bedroom. Everything will depend on the size of the pattern.

Generally, for this type of project you will need to have a sewing machine available. It is much faster and easier to do on the machine than by hand. But I understand that sometimes you’re starting to sew and don’t want to invest so much without knowing if you’re going to like this technique. Hand sewing requires a little more patience from us, but the result is very rewarding. Wassup let’s learn? Come check out the heart to heart pattern and then tell me what you think.

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