Halloween Blanket

Good evening my darlings and welcome to this Craft Idea post! How are you today? Did you have a relaxing weekend and are you ready for this brand new week? I know, sometimes, when we are feeling a little blue, it is hard to see the bright side of situations. But, having in mind that every new week brings new opportunities, is a nice way to overcome the clouds we may have in our sky.

I admit, I am feeling light and excited. Our project today is a cute Halloween option. I know, you may be thinking that we still have a few months before Halloween arrives. However, this is an intermediate pattern. We have this big black cat and the friendly spidey. Also, we need a background that creates a contrast.

Because of these details, it is important to have a little more practice. So, if you are a fairly beginner, you still have some time to practice. It is possible to arrive in October being able to produce this beautiful blanket with finesse, beauty and technique.

As usual, we are producing a blanket. Therefore, go for fluffy and comfy yarns. Do not forget they need to be washable and fairly resistant. You can use this pattern to produce a rug as well. For these items, I keep my recommendations to add anti spliery patches underneath the rug, to avoid accidents.   

Did you enjoy this spooky idea? I hope you did as much as I did! Here, at Repeat After Me you can get a full tutorial, color palette included. You also find the graphics and more ideas that can help with the creative process of it. Make good use of it and tell me the results. See you in our next pattern. Have a blessed week!

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