Great Granny Quilt

Welcome. Today we will teach you how to create the project you dreamed of. I’ll leave here a little bit about my inspiration for this block. Of course, when you make the first block, you had no idea how they would prepare for a patchwork. I am very happy with the results! Kind of a mix of old-fashioned and modern, that’s exactly what I love!

The finished piece measures after being padded and washed is about 50×60, which is a good size quilt. We will give you instructions and tips on how to make a block, but also give you amounts of fabric to make a quilt the same size as mine. Here we will bring information to get all the doubts and have no problems at the time of the creation of your work of art. We at the site love the art of Quilt and hope to help you.

For a block, see what you need: 12-2.5 “Squares of background color
8-2.5 prints squares or solid parts in the color chosen for the outer ring
5-2.5 print solid squares or flakes in the chosen color for the inner ring to make a quilt like mine, you will need about 2 feet of solid bottom fabric.This includes enough to tie and embroider.

Great Granny Quilt

You’ll also need 260 to 2.5 “squares for your blocks.I would definitely cut more than the exact amount so you can play with color placement by putting your blocks together.These are just scraps, right?

Now place them next to your sewing machine and sew them together in rows.
After sewing all the lines, they should look like the photo. Note that the white pieces of two corners have not yet been attached to anything. This is how it should be. I suggest we press these open seams. Soon, we will see our project taking the final form that we imagine. Now, sew and stitch these lines by adding these solitary corner squares to the ends where they belong.

One thing I discovered when creating blocks is that they look better when there is a contrast to the background or the next row of squares. As you can see, the outer blocks are different from the inner ones, the squares have other colors to contrast with the impressions of the blocks inside the part. So I chose the colors and already had in mind how the squares would stay after they finished. You can use squares with a more solid color and the ends and have more contrast with the inner prints. It’s not a necessity, but just something I found when I was putting blocks together in the creation of the piece. I will leave here for you a pattern that recently I also used and I found wonderful: Great Granny Squared By Amazon.

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Great Granny Quilt


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