Granny Stripe Shorts for Men

Good morning dear crocheters, it is time to rise and shine! I am feeling very excited for the weekend, what about you? How are you doing today? Do you have plans for the weekend already? Lots of crochet and lots of resting? Resting is as important as practicing, for sure. So tell me in the comments, what the feelings are for the upcoming days.

If your main goal is to relax a little bit and yet take some time to start a new project, today’s project may be exactly what you are looking for. This granny stripe shorts for men is fairly easy, it can be easily done in two days, not many hours of dedication necessary. However you still have a big and sellable item.

A project fitting for beginners

For those who are beginners, this is a nice piece to give a step further in the skills development. I know, when we start, we want to produce nice, whole pieces already. But, we do not have practice doing them yet. And, if it takes too long, it may make us frustrated a little bit. That is why this piece is perfect for these situations. It has a simple stitch, the granny stitch, and for that it becomes easy to produce the piece.

If you have a little more practice and you are maybe an intermediate or advanced, you can add one or more colors to this short. As you can see in the pictures of this post, for example, we have three colors, celebrating the 4th of July. In the recipe you can also find a matching mini short, fitting for a child, following the daddy and me style.

When you access Repeat After Me, you can find a very well explained tutorial, including a material list and more pictures that will help you to have even more ideas for this creation. Let me know if you enjoy this weekend to put this recipe into practice. Have a great weekend, see you in our next post!

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