Good afternoon my fellow crocheters, how is your day going so far? We are in the middle of one more week already. Time has been passing by so fast, don’t you think? How do you plan your week? What projects to put in practice, what patterns to exercise. Even if you treat crochet as a hobby, it is nice to have a plan, as a way to check your evolution.

Summer all over the place

We always talk here, how important it is to be practicing as often as possible.Crochet, as any other skill, improves according to the amount of time we dedicate to it. If the project we have here is not what you are looking for, maybe because you have different materials or level of practice, browse around our blog, I am sure you are going to find some project that fits you.

Talking about today’s project, let’s go to it, shall we? I am very excited to show you what we have chosen to bring you. It is a tank top, it fits perfectly with the Summer time we are going through. You can even adapt the original recipe to make a bikini top.

The original recipe here is for a tank top in child size. The granny stitch is very popular and classic. It also is a good stitch for beginners to practice. But if you are an intermediate with more practice or an advanced one, you can adapt the original recipe to larger sizes with no difficulty.

Another thing to keep one eye on is the colors. This is a child and a Summer piece. Because of that, we want to keep things light and breeze. So, choose a light yarn, avoid the thick ones. Do not forget to go for the bright and light colors, like the ones we see in the pictures.

Ready to produce this beautiful, Summer item? Available at Repeat After Me, you find a carefully detailed tutorial, guiding you stitch by stitch. I think it will make the production even easier. Hope you produce beautiful pieces, let me know the results, you know I like to know how the ideas are going. I hope to see you soon, bye-bye!

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