Fiddlesticks and Fancies Quilt

Patchwork is a sewing technique and also one of the branches of crafts. It consists of joining fabrics of different colors and prints using the sewing technique called broad stitching, or also known as quilt. This is a very old technique, dating from 3400 a. C (years before Christ).

In ancient Egypt, pharaohs wore garments made from leftover cloth. Patchwork is currently used to create artifacts that can serve as decorations. The pieces created range from bed covers and rugs, to pillows, bags, furniture upholstery and so on.

The main feature of the technique is the use of different colors and prints, which leave the object, furniture or clothing, with a lively and cheerful touch.

But Today We Will Not Talk About Patchwork And Yes This Beautiful Fiddlesticks And Fancies Quilt, Look Its Colors And Prints, Is Not Beautiful, Delicate And Perfect?

Fiddlesticks and Fancies may seem a little difficult to do, but it is not, and in the end you will love the result of your hard and dedicated work as soon as you see this beautiful thing completely done.

The PDF Tutorial Will Help You Make This Beautiful Piece Super Fast. With A Well Explained Tutorial And Schematics Available, You’ll Get This Beautiful Piece Faster Than You Expect.

Believe Me, Your Hard Work Will Be Worth It When You See This Beautiful And Delicate Piece Decorating Your Bedroom On Your Bed Or Sofa In Your Living Room Or Anywhere You Want To Put It, It Matches With Various Decorations And Will Give That Special Touch That Only We Crafters Know What It’s Like

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