Evergreen Lane Quilt

It is a very old craft, but still very used, with only needle, thread and some fabrics you can provide various decorative objects for your home or even to sell and add a little more money to your budget at the end of the month.

Firstly it is very important before you start your quilt you choose which model you intend to make. In our case we will do the Evergreen Lane Quilt.

Now we will start the quilt work, and for that you will need fabrics of the colors you prefer, color sewing thread matching the chosen fabric, scissors, hand needle and if you choose to make a full lined quilt, You will also need fabric to cover the quilt.

Bedding never hurts, do you agree? Even more so when it comes to quilt. As for the types, the bedding may or may not be lined, but let’s agree that the normals are much more practical, right?

Follow The Tutorial Provided And You Can Make This Beautiful And Delicate Quilt Quickly, Already Weighed? A Beauty Of These Gracing Your Bed Or Sofa? It would be Amazing No? So let’s start!!!!

Free Tutorial Available: Evergreen Lane Quilt


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