Flowers represent love, delicacy and caring. They are always a nice choice to decorate spaces, and it is very difficult to make a mistake using them. Our suggestion today, these Delicate Flower Roses are the definition of a lovely accessory. They are capable of bringing coziness into your environment.

More than using these flowers to decorate around the house, you can apply them in different moments. For example, you can reduce the recipe of this pattern, create smaller roses and use them to make napkin rings. This is a nice idea to bring life to your table setting, it screams spring – our very next season.

Napkin rings are not only selling options. You can step up your creation and organize the flowers into vases. You can make them different sizes and shades of pink. If you want, it is even possible to add delicate fragrances to them. It is a great idea to keep the house colorful and spring fresh, without actually, being necessary taking care of flowers.

For this creation you will need:

  • Pink yarn
  • A hook you prefer
  • Scissors

You can check this lovely idea at Crochet Yarn Store, with a detailed step-by-step tutorial. Hope you enjoyed this recipe. Let me know if you want to check patterns for other flower models.

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