Daisy Afghan Pattern

Hello my dear friends, how are you today? My wish is that this post finds you well and healthy. I know I have been missing these last days, life has been very busy, but I promise you I will try to keep some consistency when posting new projects for you here, in our blog.

An upgrade for a classic pattern

For our pattern today, we have a blend of different skills. Ideally, this is a project that requires an intermediate level of practice. However, because it is composed by more than one technique, you can make variations according to your level of skills.

The afghan squares are a very basic and beginner pattern. They will serve it as a background for this beautiful creation. What requires a little more practice is the fact that you need to sew all the squares together. You will also have to produce these delicate flowers to patch onto some of the spaces.

If you are advanced enough, you can risk yourself with some more elaborate patches. Maybe cute bunnies or bees, that fit the flowery theme very well. For a boy, you can create patches with dinosaurs or soccer ball themes. There are no limits to put your creativity to use. 

For this pattern you need a H hook, your usual pair of scissors and different yarn colors. This may be a nice opportunity to use some of those leftovers you have storage but does not want to throw away or waste.

Did you enjoy this idea and want to give it a try? Here, at Repeat After Me you find three separated tutorials, one for the squares, one for the flowers and one to put them all together. Make good use of it, enjoy. Have a great Wednesday, see you in our next project!

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