Cute Puppy Blanket

Hello my fellow crocheters, how are you doing today? I hope everyone is going well, but if you are not in your best shape, I also hope you find here a place to relax and refresh your ideas. It is important to have a community like ours. This is a space for us to exchange ideas and help each other.

When working with creativity, it is normal that, sometimes, we get stuck. Times when no inspiration comes at all, it may seem like we are done with all of our ideas. But that is not quite true, there are some factors that can interfere in our minds.

First of all, sometimes all we need is a simple break, to give our brain time to breathe. Doing nothing can be very productive when some rest is necessary. Inspiration can also come from places we have not visited yet, or places we have not been for a long time. And maybe, the little push your ideas need is exchanging.

That is what this place exists for. Here we have a team that is always looking for new ideas, different items to try. You know I like to bring every level of practicing, home items, clothing, accessories and many, many baby items.

Many ways to use a blanket

Today, I brought you a cute puppy blanket. Blankets are versatile, if it is cold they are a comfy way to keep warm. If it is hot, like the Summer days we are having, they are a great option to serve as a picnic towel. This puppy one, is specially lovely to present children with. With this recipe, you will have a final piece size of 35×35 inches.

Are you feeling inspired by this recipe? If so, you can come to Repeat After Me, where you find graphics that will help you visualize. But, there is also a tutorial video, guiding you through the making process, making it easier to execute the pattern. Tell me your results in the comments, you know I love to hear from you. Until our next post, bye-bye!

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