Cuddly Unicorn

Magic and Color in one piece

Good morning my dears, how are you this Monday? I hope you had an amazing weekend and, like me, you are ready to begin a brand new week. How was it? Did you have fun with family and friends? Or did you just rest? Did you start any crochet item or finish one you already had going on? Let me know in the comments, I think it is important that we keep exchanging ideas.

Talking about ideas, a few days ago, I brought you an Amigurumi idea. Amigurumi is a great option for when we want to try different crochet techniques. It allows us to produce these beautiful and colorful creatures that brighten up any room they are in. Scrolling around, searching for new ideas, I came across this cute unicorn.

Unicorns are definitely trending, you can easily find them in backpacks, mugs, clothing printings and shoes! And they seem like they came to stay. Unicorns represent magic and the impressive, maybe, that is why they have become so popular, right? You can fit this piece into children’s rooms bringing life and happiness.

Did you like this idea? So grab your 5mm hook, also your favorite pair of scissors and the yarns you are using. Normally, unicorns are white and the details bring the colors we want, you can even use some colorful leftovers you may have. Do not forget you need black buttons to make the eyes.

Available at One Dog Woof, you find a stitch by stitch tutorial that will guide you through the making process of this item, make good use of it! I would love to know about the results. Would you like for me to bring more amigurumi ideas like this? Let me know and I will be happy to do so. For now, see you in our next project, bye-bye!

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