Hi everybody! Glad to see you here once again, having your company encourages us to share all these patterns. We are still in the beginning of the year mood, but here nothing has changed. We are already sharing beautiful models for you to choose from, get inspired and start creating new pieces there too. Waffle stitch is one of those classic stitches that you can adapt to many different pieces. It is a point with texture too, they are reliefs that form small squares.

Here the idea we brought is a baby blanket. Indispensable piece for all ages, when small the blankets accompany our babies everywhere. To sleep, to play, to go for a walk, to cover while in the stroller. Almost all activities are accompanied by a blanket. And for that, the more comfortable the better. With the little ones you must redouble the attention in the choice of materials.

It’s not the first time we share pieces for the little ones, but as we always have new people around here, it’s worth the reminder. Softer yarns, which have no details that could scratch the skin of the little ones. If you are going to use any pins, make sure you remove them all before using the piece. Some models have details such as buttons, pompoms, make sure it is well fastened and has no edges that could hurt you.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Maisie and Ruth

And as for yarn, hypoallergenic ones are the most suitable. You will see that they are not that expensive and you have many options. Crocheting is very good, and for you to have more independence, it is important to learn the stitches separately. Crochet is a very old technique that has come back with everything. To make the crochet stitches, it is necessary to manipulate the thread, made of wool or string, with a long needle with a curved tip, specific for this type of work.

The needle size varies according to the thickness of the thread used. With thread, a needle and a little technique, it is possible to combine crochet stitches in different ways; in general, following a recipe. This is a resource that you can use to avoid making mistakes in the order of the stitches and thus maintaining the symmetry of the work. That’s why in the pattern available at Maisie and Ruth, you’ll learn how to make the waffle stitch making a beautiful baby blanket.

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