Crafts and versatility

Good morning my dear crocheter friends, how have you been doing? I hope this post finds you well and healthy. I know we have been missing for a while, but we are ready to come back at full speed. We had some unforeseen events and that messed up our schedule a little bit. We are all humans, right? And such things are bound to happen.

The important thing is that we are here now, ready to start new projects and a brand new week. How are your projects going? I am sure you are making the most amazing crochet items. Our team has separated many new projects for us to put in practice, because of that, I am very excited.

From time to time, when taking breaks are necessary, we come back even more full of energy, don’t you feel that too? For today, we selected a very special project for you. You already  know, we love to mix different patterns and different items for us to create. This way we can keep practicing all the crochet skills.

Pockets is what you need

This tall tote bag is a nice item to produce. It is a beginner level, however, it is good if you already have some sewing practice. There are some pockets for this model and if you are used to sew them, the final result will be even better. 

Pockets are the differential in this piece. Because of them you can have many different usages for this bag. This can be a baby bag, a picnic or even to offer as a gift for a fellow crocheter. 

Do you like this idea? It is very versatile and for that you add many colors. Check at the Repeat After Me, color palette ideas, more pictures and a full tutorial. It will guide you stitch by stitch and make your production even easier. See you in our next project, bye-bye!

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