Hello friends of our website, prepared to learn another pattern? Let’s put another project on our list of crafts and increase our range of knowledge. In this subject brought a point called popcorn point, a beautiful work and gives a beautiful piece at the end, and soft, great for blankets and blankets for babies and children. You can make your kids blankets to warm in cold winter or a nice cardigan. You can choose your designs to be made from this beautiful point.

You can, for example, use these crochet patterns in square shape, with very beautiful details for clothes that you can use on your children, you can use this model also to do various other projects and jobs, it is very easy and nice and better you will be able to do with your own hands. Do not be afraid to start a new piece for fear of not being able to create, we are here to help you, artisans and crochet lovers, to create your piece without problems.

The popcorn point is a basic point of crochet. It’s easy to learn. Follow the instructions and watch the video tutorials. You can use the popcorn point to create the fabulous texture in your next crochet project! A popcorn can be created with a point variable at work. Follow the instructions, information, and tip number tips used to make your pattern easier. To work at the popcorn point just have confidence and not be afraid. Are you ready?


Each new project requires attention, patience and time, but it rewards us in the end and improves your skills by doing so your own business. The mesh will also protect you from cold to scarf, winter hat, blankets and gloves, which can be created. We hope that our tips and information are critical to getting your projects started and finalized professionally.

Popcorn Point is a popular crochet technique that adds texture to the surface of a piece. These spots literally emerge from the surface, like popcorn. The basic stitch is done by working five double crochets in one space and joining them, but the way you work the stitch in your piece can vary a little depending on whether you are working in single or double crochet.

You can find more crochet work on our site as well as tutorials and videos step by step. We hope to have helped you to have no more doubts about a new project, and may also have inspired and helped to develop the imagination, so that the creation of the new project is unique, with a perfect color combination and with its identity. Everything to decorate your home and to be great gifts. Soon below we will leave photo as inspiration, the step by step and video tutorial. We are also on social networks, and we are waiting for you there too. We want to spread the word about your work in our media, generating inspiration for other artisans. A big hug and see you there!

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