Hello you there, how have you been guys? Hope it is all well. It has been a while since we have last seen a decor tutorial around here, don’t you think? For that, here we bring you today a very interesting idea. This might seem very specific, once the title shows it is a plant hanger. However, with our tips below and a little bit of creativity you can use them for different moments.

First of all, it is nice to highlight that plants have different sizes of pots. This depends on the sizes of the plants and amount. Therefore, you can choose to work in various ways. If you are doing these hangers to have at home or even please a loved one, you can make a personalized size. So, you will need to have in hand the pot to personalize the exact size.

You can use these hangers to sell. They are easy to do, very pleasurable and giftable. Besides, they require very little resources, you can even enjoy some leftover yarns. Just pay attention, when creating to sell, try to keep standardized sizes. In case of a specific size, you can ask your client to bring the pot – or vase.

Plant hanger is not usually the highlight of a room. So you opt for cold, neutral colors. Good examples are beige, gray and brown. If you, or your client, prefer brighter colors, dark shades are good options. Such as navy blue and marsala.

You can check how to create your plant hanger here, at The Spruce Crafts. With a very detailed tutorial. Every step-by-step demonstrated with a picture.

What do you guys think about decor pieces using crochet creations? Do you want some more? Let me know in the comment. Hope you guys have a great week!

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