Hello loves! How nice to meet you here. Here we are in another year. How was the turn of the year around? I hope you enjoy it around the people you love. And new year is synonymous with new goals and objectives. I hope that among all of them, our handicraft is present. And to encourage you, we’re going to share the Crochet Hexagon Bag. A very beautiful model and I’m sure it’s a very different bag from the ones you’ve seen.

I must admit, didn’t know it yet and I thought it was very beautiful. The bag is round at the end, but it’s all made with hexagons with beautiful flowers in the middle. Year after year, handmade items continue to be very successful and crochet is never left out of our looks. Imagine that you are looking for a new bag, that is different, exclusive and just like you.

Certainly, some pieces from very expensive brands crossed your mind that probably don’t fit into your budget. But, how about you produce your own bag using crochet? Crochet is an ancient technique that has crossed generations, probably your great-grandmother, grandmother or your mother knows a little bit about it. In a world where fast fashion is being increasingly rethought and manual productions are gaining ground, the crochet bag wins the hearts of many women.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Passionate Crafter

His style, which unites the rustic with the delicate, is capable of producing incredible combinations. The crochet stitches allow for impressive variations and motifs that seem to come out of the fabric because of how well they are made. Above all, crochet is a durable product that will give you a beautiful bag for the rest of your life. There are no reasons not to fall in love with crochet bags. 

Because it is a handcrafted piece, the crochet bag is the perfect item for you to let your imagination run wild and use different shapes and colors. If you still don’t have the materials and don’t think about investing a lot, crocheting is perfect. Here you will basically need three materials: yarn, crochet hook and scissors. All of them are easy to find and at all prices. The crochet hexagon Bag is a beautiful model to put together your looks, to present to dear friends or to sell and have an extra income. Let’s learn? Check out the pattern available at Passionate Crafter.

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