Crochet Flower Patch

To enhance your pieces and avoid waste

Hello all, have you been doing? Hope you are all good. Today I brought you a very special project, with many interesting things to point out about it. This post’s pattern is for crochet flower patch, a beautiful way to improve other crochet and crafts items you may have around the house.

First of all, we all have items in your house that are not in their prime anymore, however we are sorry and have pity to throw them away. Then, what to do? We can remodel and go through a makeover with these pieces, coming up with a brand new, refreshed item for your home. Once the flowers are done you can apply them in various pieces, such as pillows and blankets.

Another nice thing about these flowers is the fact that you can create them in absolutely any color. You can, of course, pay attention and match with the items colors you are going to use them in. But, this means it is possible to put the leftovers you have to use. I do not know about you, but I do not like to throw yarn leftover away. Even though they may not be sufficient to create a whole new piece, they can now be used to improve the ones you already have.

Beginners, this recipe is a good one to practice your skills, also make a profit, if you intend to sell your creations. You will need to gather your leftovers, pick your chosen hook and your favorite pair of scissors.

Did you like this idea? I hope so, because I am ready to put this to practice. Here at Crochet Websites, you can find the recipe and a video tutorial to guide step-by-step. See you during this week, happy Tuesday everyone!

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