Crochet Chicken

Good morning my dear friends, how are you this Wednesday? I hope this post finds you well and healthy and ready to start one more beautiful project. Here, at Crafts Loved, we love to keep a community always eager to learn new things and to exchange ideas as always as possible.

If you browse our dear blog, you already know we love to bring you guys as many different suggestions as possible. We also like knowing what you wish to see around here and what to learn. Because of that, we have a considerable portfolio of ideas where you can find a project that fits what you want to produce, I am sure of that.

As for today, we found this cute and very likable crochet chicken. This is not amigurumi, but we do have some amigurumi patterns and projects here, just search for the hashtag. This chicken is made of crochet stitches. The pattern is fairly easy, the stitches are a little thicker than the ones for a blanket, but if you are a beginner, with a little more experience, you should give it a try.

Maybe the most challenging part will be sewing all the chicken parts together. If you are a beginner and do not have much experience, this may be a little difficult. But, do not give up, the final result is cute and this piece is a nice present option. This cute chicken looks like it belongs to a grandma’s kitchen, does it not?

I hope that I have convinced you to give this project a try, because it is so worth it. Let me know the final results and how the sewing process was for you. At Repeat After Me, you can find a tutorial for each part of the chicken, stitch by stitch. Make good use of it! Have a blessed Wednesday everybody, see you in our next post.

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