Today we are going to explore the chevron stitch. This stitch is as versatile as it is classic. Learning it is guaranteed to always have a trick up your sleeve to create elegant and adaptable pieces for any situation. Its “V” shape refers to sophistication and refinement.

It is a point that requires intermediate knowledge and practice. The chevron stitch is versatile, allowing its application in various pieces, from ponchos to rugs. What will differentiate the final result will be the chosen yarn, the hook and the colors.

For example, for decorative pieces, like pillow covers and bedspreads, you can opt for warm and neutral colors such as shades of browns, beige and grays. For clothing and accessories such as scarves and bags, more vibrant and open colors are a good choice. 

The important thing when choosing the colors to use is contrast. Choosing to intersperse lighter tones with dark tones will create a high contrast. Because of it will be easier to visualize the “V” design that the pattern forms.

You can check this pattern, which never goes out of style in Crochet Easy, with a video tutorial to make your learning more practical and easier. Have in hand your best hook and the yarn you think will be perfect for this pattern.

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