Hello everybody! How is your week going? We hope you are all well. We are very happy to have you here with us and to be able to share such beautiful models. Have you separated the patterns you want to do this week? Not yet? So stay here with us and come learn Chunky Hexagon Cardigan. A more basic coat, which you can wear on days that are not so cold. And the coolest thing is that you can combine it with other handmade pieces too. 

Another pattern all done with the crochet technique. It’s amazing how many pieces we can make. Whether for home decor, clothes, gifts. And all crochet, simple materials and beautiful pieces. The crochet cardigan is a piece that cannot be missed as an option in women’s closets and closets. You will find many ideas for women’s crochet cardigan, but this one is beautiful and a knockout it is impressive and a luxury. 

In your wardrobe it will be a highlight whether in winter or summer, even in autumn it will be a glow, your afternoons will be more interesting after having an outfit like this to go out or as a sample of your work. It’s that piece that enhances your entire look. A simple look is much more interesting with a beautiful cardigan like this. To crochet it you will need the basic materials that we are used to using.

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: The Snugglery

The most important thing is to pay attention to the quality of the yarn chosen. In this pattern we can see that the yarn is very thick. To get a similar result, look for yarns that have a similar thickness. If you are a beginner, choose lighter colors. It’s easier to follow the stitches, each round and undo it in case of any mistake. As for the measurements, because it is an outfit, the sizes change from one person to the other.

Following the pattern instructions, you will have a cardigan sized to fit up to a women’s extra large. If you need to make any changes, in The Snugglery you will find the information for that. But remember that the chunky hexagon cardigan is an outfit that gets bigger, very comfortable. Shall we crochet? Whether for you, for a gift to a loved one or for selling, it will be a success. Then tell us what you think in the comments. We hope you were inspired by this beautiful idea.

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