In this craft work done in crochet. The stitching was made with a stitch along the baby blanket and the stitch was used as a finishing, as in the bar.

The result is a mix of dots that gives a gorgeous style to the baby crochet blanket, and makes the piece follow two different types of stitches in one job.

Among the options and models made in conchinha spot, there is this option of kept pink. Just like the previous version, this model is a mix of shell and secret stitch and still has the detail of the satin ribbon that goes all around the outline of the plaid and gives even more delicate touch to the piece.

Secret Point The secret point is an old acquaintance when it comes to getting away from the classic crochet stitches.

This type of point is characterized by species of rings that are joined and form a kind of net at work. For those who want to use this type of stitch in the baby crochet blanket, the tip is to use the secret style only in detail, since the opening of the stitches does not leave the blanket so warm, and can still make the baby twist the little fingers On the spot. Made for Lillian  Ravelry Instructions

✓ Yarn and color instructions that were used
Soft White on Caron
Caron Simply soft in soft pink
Red Heart Soft Yarn in Chocolate
Used a G spot I made 11 laps of each color, 11 white, 11 pink and brown for a total of 11 of 33 lines.
✓ Step by step pattern of flowers below:
Start with only a magic circle.
Chain 3 (counts as first hdc), 2 sc, hdc, sl sl * repeats 4 times in 3rd ch. Leaving a long tail for sewing.
  The size of the final crochet shape branch is 31in x 31in approximately.

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