Carpenter Star Quilt

This quilt is simply beautiful. Let’s learn how to make the Carpenter Star Quilt.You can already feel the climate of my learning and, consequently, of the posts that I will share here: in parts! How many?

Even though I am asking myself this question … On Sunday (10) I started to research on the subject and I came across a sea of information. So much that I have been organizing the content and I delayed this first post.

When I decided to take Quilting class with teacher Márcia Baraldi through youtube, I already had some frustrated attempts to quit.

I did not know how to regulate the machine, I did not have the right needles and pins, I did not know the ideal blanket, and I could not even imagine how many lines were in existence. Just to start …

👉 Access the Written PDF Tutorial in PDF

Materials used to make the quilt

  • Patches of various fabrics (100% cotton);
  • Cutout items – scissors, patchwork cutters and rulers;
  • needles or sewing machine;
  • Sewing thread;
  • pins;
  • Lining fabric;
  • Iron and ironing board.

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