Hello, hello my dears, be welcome to one more post on our blog. It is time to be creative and put our hands and minds to work a little (or a lot). How are you doing this Monday? Did you rest and relax enough to start a new week with maximum energy? I sure hope so, because we have a project for you to start this beautiful day.

Our team today decided to bring you the Brioche Knit Style Blanket. We have many different projects in our blog. If you are familiar already, I bet you noticed this. But if this is your first time around, you can browse for a while and you will realize that we have a great number of ideas in our blog. Not only that, we also are careful to have patterns for all the levels. 

So, did you not find what you were for here? Do not worry, I bet the idea you are needing is right around the corner here. Going back to our pattern today, we choose it because it is elegant and you can fit it in many different environments. 

With this recipe you are going to produce a blanket of 46 inches by 44 inches. This blanket can also be used as a throw. If you pick neutral colors such as shades of gray and brown, it can be the perfect final touch your room needs.

Did you like this pattern just like I did? Here at Ravelry you can check other color options and you also have the chance to buy the pdf recipe for this pattern, such a great investment, due to its versatility and beauty. Enjoy this suggestion and have a great time producing it! See you later, in our next post!

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