Bright Spring into the room!

Hi my dear companions, how are you today?How is the crochet world around? Are you having fun with your creations this week? Even if you are not, sometimes it is okay to take some time off to retune yourself, right? With a little bit of rest, new ideas may come into our heads. 

I have been thinking a lot about Spring these last few days, it seems. That is why my proposition for you today is this beautiful flower blanket. It is built using corner-to-corner double crochet block technique, do not worry, the tutorial will show you how to use this stitch and the disposition of the colors.

It is a nice opportunity for you to put your creativity to work on it. You can match so many different colors, and yet it is nice to be aware about the environment this piece will be set in. You can go for bright, light colors, of course, but if it is a room that requires more seriousness and comfiness you can always pick the safe, neutral colors.

You will need your usual hook, your favorite pair of scissors and the chosen yarn. It is interesting to opt for smooth, fluffy wools and if you check the link below, you can even use some leftovers you may have in some parts of the recipe.

Access Crochet Websites to get the free tutorial and more ideas for this piece. Let me know if you liked this idea. Would you like more decoration ideas? I would love to bring more of these for you, tell me in the comments. It is always nice to see you around here, until next time!

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