Hey sweeties! Another day, another pattern to learn. Are you getting used to our rhythm? We know it’s hard to do everything that appears here, as well as to like everything. That’s why we always have many options for you to be inspired and keep the practice of the technique up to date. Today the pattern is for our little ones, the baby fairy dress. 

This dress is very beautiful, full of different details in the skirt that make all the difference. And not only the dress, you have the complete set with hair band and shoes. It looks amazing when used all together, the most beautiful thing. Baby clothes are always in great demand, especially for the comfort that crochet pieces provide for babies. In addition to being an old technique, often the first piece we learn is a shoe, a baby blanket. 

With crochet we can make incredible pieces that last a long time and are very comfortable. But for that we need to use quality materials, mainly quality yarns. When we talk about babies, we need even softer pieces that don’t cause allergies in the little ones. Use hypoallergenic yarns, you can’t go wrong. The choice of crochet hook depends on the yarn chosen, but you already know that, right? 

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Ravelry

Use and abuse of different colors. You can make the baby fairy dress in different colors and even colorful. Take the opportunity to make the colorful skirt, it will be amazing. As for the size, pay attention so that it doesn’t get tight and bother the little one. Remember that yarn stretches, but not very much. Clothes can’t restrict the baby’s movements either, and this tip works for all the other pieces in the set. 

As for the details, you can add the ones you think are the most beautiful, like these huge pom poms. The care is the same, keep the seam in the piece and no relief that can hurt them. You can make this pattern to sell. It can be a great gift for a newborn, it can be used for Halloween, first birthday, or just for an outing. You can find the pattern on Ravelry. Do not forget to comment here what you think. If you have any special patterns you want to learn, let us know too. For now, let’s crochet!

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