A cute Japanese technique for your delicate room

Hi my friends, what are your plans for this week? Is it busy or a calmer week? Regardless of your schedule, I wish you all a productive and blessed week. I have here for you a special project. Have you ever heard of Amigurumi? Well, this is a Japanese technique that allows you to recreate any type of dolls, including your favorite characters.

This suggestion is a beginner’s one. Check the pictures below and tell if you do not feel the instant will of creating one of these bears. This friendly and cute bear is a great way to start practicing this kind patch. You can learn step by step, how to build these dolls, when and how to add more details.

This bear is perfect for a children’s room or even a pedriatitian office. It brings comfiness, cuteness and a sense of familiarity for any environment. Pay attention to how to use the colors to achieve these effects. Pastel and baby shades are perfect for this occasion, a rose or a baby green is just what you need.

For these creations, besides the usual hook, scissors and a nice wool, I also recommend you to have some buttons you can use. You can add eyes and even a fluffy tail.

Here at Crafts Loved you have a detailed step by step. Did you like this technique? Would you like more creation like this? Any specific character or doll? Do not be shy, tell me in the comments.

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