Amazing Midi Crochet Dress

It is time to start getting ready for warmer times

Hello everybody! Happy fall equinox day, we have officially left Winter, Spring is here and Summer is on its way. Tell me in the comments, what is your favorite season? I, particularly, love Winter, we sweat less and dress better. However, that does not mean we should not enjoy the perks these warmer seasons bring to us. That is why I bring to you this marvelous midi crochet dress.

Spring and Summer allow us to show more skin, exhibit our skin a little more. Therefore, this recipe is extra mesmerizing. It is an advanced level, it is rich in details and may take a little more time than you are used to creating your pieces. But do not be alarmed, if you have the training enough, the work will be worth it in the end.

This is a good dress that fits on several occasions. You can choose a yarn with sparkling details if you wish to wear a piece like this in a sunset or evening event. For the day, it would be nice to bet on the Spring colors, a nice yellow, a bright pink or a shocking green. Accessorizing is also important to give the finishing touches. Pay special attention to the shoes and handbags, they will help to determine if your look is a daywear or nightwear.

You will need your favorite hook, your chosen yarn and your pair of scissors of choice.

You can find the tutorial for this unique piece, here at Crafts Loved. Let me know when you try. Do you wish to have more warmer creations or are you in the mood for Wintery clothes yet?

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