Alice Crochet Dress

Good morning my dear friends, how are you today? Are you excited for the upcoming weekend? Many plans for these days or would you rather rest and enjoy your days calmly? Either way of enjoyment is valid and worth it, as long as we are brand new to start a new week next Monday, don’t you think?

Maybe, you can include this new project on your weekend schedule. This is the Alice Crochet Dress, and there are many reasons why you should give it a try. First of all, this is a beginner’s level. So if you are advanced, this is an opportunity to do something easier and relaxing. You can maybe add more colors, if you are looking for a challenge. 

If you are a beginner, this pattern is composed of easy stitches and I am sure you can manage to produce this piece on the weekend. It is a good option, because, as beginners, it is not always that we can make a whole piece at once, and sometimes it can be frustrating. With this pattern you can even produce items to sell, even as a beginner.

The colors used in the piece you can check in the pictures are the face of fall. Brown and rose are delicate and feminine. You can combine other colors as well, but the first suggestion is our favorite one. With this recipe you can produce pieces for ages from 1 to 10, so you can attend different clients. 

Did I convince you that this is the best project option for your weekend? I sure hope so. You can access Ravelry to find the PDF file option. If you give it a try, let me know in the comments, please? You know I love to see how you are evolving. Have a great weekend, see you in our next project, next week!

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