Afghan Square Pattern

Hey there everybody, how is your creativity going? I hope your creating skills are sharp, because today I bring you a suggestion that might look simple, but it is only a base, like a blank screen, waiting for improvement. I present to you the Afghan Square Pattern.

This recipe requires an intermediate level. However, if it is time for you to try more bold and advanced creations, it is an opportunity for you to risk yourself with more elaborate flowers. That is the beauty of this pattern: you can start as an intermediate and evolve in the same creation. There are dozens of different flower ideas for you to try.

Another special detail about the Afeghan Square Pattern is its versatility. You can create blankets, blouses, pillows and covers for your appliances. Besides, it is possible to put different flowers each time, also, uncountable color matchings, and therefore have a completely unique piece everytime a creation is done, is it not awesome?

This is a stitch with a twist, right? What do you think? There is space to practice a lot of your imagination to enhance this pattern. You can check the full step-by-step tutorial, with a video and a free PDF, and more ideas at Crochet Yarn.

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