Trinity Celtic Knot Pattern

Welcome to our website and we will learn more about the world of crafts. The quilts that have a more modern name like patchwork, are lovely and beautiful to see and do. In past generations, the famous patchwork quilt was one of the first things that made them literate.

It is beautiful as the union of fabrics give a fantastic result, joining the pieces and giving the designs that you prefer. This is the time to use the leftover fabrics from previous designs that are stored with a throw away so we will use them in new designs.

Sew the pieces of fabric together to form your quilt, joining fabric to fabric, strips to each other always seeing if this is correct before sewing, sewing or making a hand, you choose what gets better and have patience and love for your work. If you are using a sewing machine, make sure that the foot is set to 1.25 cm.

Pass the quilt to remove all the kneading with the appropriate temperature for your fabric. This pattern today looks beautiful as a quilt but nothing prevents it from making a rug as well, look beautiful, do what you like. Below is a template for you and the step by step of the Trinity Celtic Knot pattern for you with all the information. Good job.

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Pattern Free Trinity Celtic Knot 

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  • 25 de September de 2018 at 21:04

    Hello, I am trying to purchase the Trinity Celtic pattern, but I am not having any luck, Suggestions please!!!


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