Shell Stitch Crochet

Hello, welcome to our website Craft ideas .. after the weekend we will start our projects that were planned for the week is not really.Today I bring you a very common pattern and it is one of the jokers for your list of designs and crochet patterns that you know how to do.

The Shell Stitch Crochet stitch is not difficult to do, everything calls for patience and persistence and soon you will have more ability to make this crochet pattern as well as others. I think the final result is beautiful, the shape of the stitching points is fantastic and rewarding.

So come on, choose your preference line, and choose the color that will be your work, being your favorite or whatever you want to combine with the environment. And now choose what you’ll want to do: a blanket, a sofa blanket, a pillow, a quilt, a shawl, a scarf, etc. Use your imagination.

Resultado de imagem para shell stitch crochet

Below are photo templates with different colors, you can make a color just like two or colored.
I leave the step by step, just click on the name that will open the step by step with all the necessary information and sizes. I hope you enjoy it and good work.

Pattern Free –  Shell Stitch Crochet ☚ ♡



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