Pitter Putter Stitch

Welcome friends of our website, as I told you, I am full of news and I am anxious to pass on to you, so make the most of it and increase even more your list of projects and also the options of pieces and standards for your store and thus increasing your clients by always having several options and beautiful standards.

In this post I have brought you a free step by step patchwork pattern, which is the best not really, the patchwork translation is “working with retail”. But this work is not only to unite the pieces randomly but rather a beautiful handmade work done with the hands that joins the pieces in a way that gives a fantastic result, forming geometric or peripheral drawings, which together give a fantastic result.

We can blend colors to give a gorgeous result, or several shades of one color or two colors. Anyway, they usually form squares, hexagons, diagonal lines … anyway there is no format limit you can do whatever you want, everything looks beautiful and in a wonderful format.

After they invented the sewing machine, the work became faster and easier and more uniform, so many new options have emerged. Over time, the technique has been improved and there are several ways to make the seams.

But, regardless of using machine or hand the steps are the same. Below I leave the pattern with step by step of this beautiful pattern, enjoy and even the next matter.

Pattern Free – Pitter Putter Stitch



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