Crochet Blanket with Motif (Video Tutorial)

Crochet Blanket with Motif It is colorful and very beautiful and can be used in various works giving a special touch to any decoration making everything more cheerful and fun. It can be used on pillows, rugs, bedspreads, quilts, blankets and more …

With little material and taking advantage of the remains of wool or if you wish you can use threads or string from other works you can make this beautiful craft and enjoy to do amazing and colorful work.

But it is important that the colors are in cheerful tones to make the work very fun.

Simple to do and very fast this Crochet Blanket with Motif is a work worth investing and using all your creativity.

Create pieces that can be put up for sale if you work with crafts, making use of your wool and making a little more yielding an increase in monthly income.

It’s simple to make and perfect for those starting out in the art of crochet. It is worth investing in this work because the end result is amazing and delicate.

After you make this beautiful craft, you can make other pieces to match like a beautiful crochet slipper with the same colors.

Video Below


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