Blizzard Warning Afghan Crochet

Great way to start the week is by starting a new project. The craftsmanship is becoming more modern and being updated with new designs and patterns and are innovated every year that goes by with wonderful results. I get lost whenever I browse the internet behind news and something I have not done yet and I can not choose what to do with so many options. Therefore, we must be constantly updating ourselves and learning new patterns to increase knowledge and skills, thus increasing their level of craftsmanship.

I love it when you share the results of your work with us in the comments. Many people who have managed to make a pattern through our website, even being at the beginner level, can make beautiful pieces. Today it is about a pattern of crochet, which is beautiful, being able to make several pieces with this point. The default is called Blizzard Warning, which is a full point of detail considered intermediate level. To learn, keep reading.

I decided to share with you this wonderful pattern because it reminds me of snowflakes and can help to make for your Christmas, you can change the color of the quilt as you prefer. With this pattern you can make a nice quilt, blanket or whatever you want and your imagination will do, do your best and you will be happy with the result regardless of what to do. Today’s pattern will find materials, step-by-step and video tutorial. I love the result of this finished work, it is so perfect for children and for their armchair to make it more cozy to rest during the holidays and the Christmas season. It will be a perfect complement to Christmas decorations.

For those who have a store, it is extremely important to have Christmas items in early November to start sales as soon as possible and thus to pay more. People look a lot for decoration, and we craftsmen need to spend our time with these preparations and make orders or orders available. The coming winter and this quilt pattern will leave your winter cozier than snowflakes.

Default Information

  • Wire Weight – Worsted (9 wpi)?
  • Size of the hook – 5.5 mm (I)
  • Available sizes – 6 inch hexagon, 9 inch square
  • Crochet Terminology – USA


ch = chain
dc = double crochet
hdc = half double crochet
r(#) = round number
sc = single crochet
sk = skip
slst = slip stitch
sp = space
st = stitch
tr = treble crochet
yo = yarn over

Materials and sizes

For the hexagon sized 6-inch side-by-side: wears combed weight wire and a 5.5 mm hook (hint: use a 5.0 for RHSS or Vanna’s choice)
For the smaller hexagon for the ornaments: DK wire is used and 3.5mm hook, A good size is more or less than 8cm in diameter.
If you prefer a smaller ornament it is only to reduce even more the hook and also the wire. That is, the pattern changes in size according to the size of the yarn and the hook.

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Pattern Step by Step ➱ Blizzard Warning Afghan

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