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Hello friends who always accompany us on our site .. how are your projects and future work? I am very proud to see results and I can help you. I was looking for different patterns to share with you and found this beautiful quilt that has details of stars that give an even more beautiful design. The world of patchwork increases every day as news and step by step, this air will never end as it only grows.  The Star Quilt Binding Tool is simply wonderful.

It’s wonderful how a square being stitched from a fantastic result even more into a quilt that is a bigger work and that is beautiful to see. I loved this quilt when I saw it, the first time I wanted to do it, so I went to research and also to share with you being so together. Many just want to sell and not help, I want them to do and get beautiful jobs. If I could I would make a collection of quilts that so beautiful and satisfying it is to do. To learn more about this beautiful pattern continue reading. Enjoy every minute and information.

About Pattern

The name of this pattern is Binding Tool Star Quilt, it is composed of stars and tips where they form drawings that give a peace to the eyes. When it is a big project I prefer to make a sewing machine, but those who have no custom can do with their hands as they prefer. In the photo above I leave a model of how your work will look in the final result, use as a model and color inspiration.]

I love this quilt pattern than this design, there are several with stars being able to make several! The world of craftsmanship is complex, immense and enthralling. These bedspreads are charming and elegant, being modernized each time, the present ones are different from the quilts of the past, and now being made not only by elderly grandmothers who taught to their granddaughters as before but also by young people, being indicated for a hobby and improving the coordination motor.

Do not wait until later and start as soon as possible to improve your skills, make your quilt or even give someone a gift. Even if you spend time with it, but it will be rewarding and will further enhance your work and your creativity. It’s amazing how knitting fabrics will form something incredible, works of art with fabrics. I wish great work for all who accompany us to increase their knowledge and good work.

The video tutorial below is explained by an excellent professional who will help everyone understand and do this beautiful job. I hope you all do and are satisfied with this pattern. If you prefer to buy the step by step to print has the Pattern by Missouri Star.

Below I also leave a photo with other colors that can be done. To always be linked to all patterns, follow our page on facebook CK Crafts and our Love Quilting Group. We give weekly tips with Free Padroes. I see you there.



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